IDE101 :: Classic 2-Day Eyelash Extensions Certification

eyeLash Extensions are the fastest growing new service in the beauty industry! Our 2 day training explores theory and techniques of eyelash application. Course covers client consultation, safety and sanitation, lash fills, trouble shooting, practical demonstrations, marketing tips, and hands on experience. Extension maintenance will bring your client back to you every 2-4 weeks to fill in on new lashes where the others have shed through the natural growth cycle. Find Out More…

IDE102 :: Advanced Eyelash Extensions Certification

Why limit yourself to basic lash extension application?  Our advanced Eyelash courses covers beyond the basics and gives you the opportunity to make yourself even more marketable.  Clients come with many different goals, but wanting the most skilled tech is something they all have in common.  Stand out from other lash technicians and watch your client base grow. Find Out More…

IDE102-2 :: Volume 2-Day Eyelash Extensions Certification

The Volume Eyelash Extension course teaches the advanced technique of volume lashing. Opposed to classic lashing which is 1 lash extension per natural lash, volume lashing teaches the advanced technique of multi-lashing which uses 2-6 of the thinnest/finest lash extensions on each natural lash.

Volume Lash Extensions offers clients with sparse lashes the opportunity to have full, fluffy lash extensions. Due to the specialized fans that are applied, the lash technician can create a completely customized look. By hand-making fans, it results in greater durability and longevity. Essentially, the fans allow more surface area to hug around the natural lash, which means a stronger bond.

The integrity and health of the lash is the utmost importance when applying lash extensions. Volume Lash Extensions utilize a lightweight lash to ensure your clients’ lashes remain in great condition. In fact, you actually may use less adhesive during your volume lash application than with classic.

Although this technique may look like a piece of cake, even the most experienced lash artists may struggle.

Our two-day course prepares you for success! You’ll learn proper methods for creating & adhering fans, how to upsell clients to become volume lash junkies, & how to market your service.

Because we care about your success, the following is required:
– You must have at least six months of full-time classic lash extensions experience
– You should be able to create a full set of classic lash extensions in two hours or less

You will be responsible for bringing two models for the hands-on portion of the class. Please have two separate models for Day Two: one at 10am and another 1pm.

 Classic Vs. Volume
Please note: this course is for trained lash artists who have mastered the skills of classic applications. We recommend a minimum of 6 months classic lashing before registering for a Volume Eyelash Extension course.
Tuition Only: $800.00
Additional Optional Starter Kit: $395.00 

(Please order kit 2 weeks prior to class if you want to receive the day of class or the kit will be shipped to you a couple days after the class.) 

Upcoming Classes

There are no upcoming events at this time.

IDE103 :: Bridal/Airbrush Makeup Certification

bridal-makeupThis professional level class is ideal for the beginner to the seasoned makeup artist. Acquire artistry techniques using airbrush makeup application to apply toward bridal looks. Learn how to take your work from picture perfect beauty to editorial. From exaggerating features to creating different textures, this workshop teaches the skills required for artistic expression and fuels the joy of creativity. This class will also cover business-building and marketing strategy for bridal clients.

Find Out More…

IDE104 :: Brow Architecture Certification

 This waxing class is going to be excellent  for any esthetician, seasoned or new grad who wants to refine their skill, or any salon or spa owner wanting there new esthetician to master  brow shaping, along with brow make-up application technique to create the “perfect Brow” regardless of wax brand preference. This class will give you the confidence to create those perfect shaped brows for all your clients.

IDE106 :: Threading & Brow Architecture Certification

Learn the ancient art of Threading and profitably incorporate this hair removal technique into your skill set. Threading’s popularity is quickly growing in the U.S., but clients are discovering the lack of real training many of these so-called technicians have. Improper threading will break the hair rather than pull it out by the root, causing damage and irritation. Truly learning this skill will make you stand out among the posers. Find Out More…

IDE108 :: Introduction To Chemical Peels Certification

The skin of the face, neck, and hands is typically the most important to individuals, while also typically being the most problematic. You can provide them solutions by having the training to offer Chemical Peels. These popular treatments help to rejuvenate the entire area and treat blemishes on aging, pigmented, acne and rosacea skin. Fine lines and sun damage can disappear, and your clients’ skin will look and feel fresh and smooth. Find Out More…

IDE108-2 :: Advanced Chemical Peels Certification

Choosing the correct peel not only provides powerful, results-oriented facials for every skin type, but are among the top five most requested medical aesthetic treatments. Learn the science behind peels, when to use them, pre and post treatment requirements, downtimes, and how and where they work compared to other acid options. Learn how to incorporate these peels with other modalities, regular facials and home care.

Key Factors affecting peel penetration and how to optimize results will be discussed. You will learn how to customize peels for various Fitzpatrick types with special emphasis on improving acneic, aging, sensitive and sun damaged skin

Pre-requisite: You must have taken IDE’s Intro To Chemical Peels Course and/or have a certificate of completion stating you are proficient in Intro Peels.

A model is required for this course. If you cannot bring your own model, please be willing to pair up and work on another student.

The Massachusetts State Board of Cosmetology approves all courses. Upon completion of a course, a certificate will be provided to the student, and a report will be forwarded to the State Board.


Upcoming Classes

IDE112 :: Manual Lymphatic Drainage Certification

The art of massage is not exclusive to the body and its muscles. Give your clients’ faces a radiant glow, reduced wrinkles, clearer complexion, refined skin tone, cleared sinuses, diminished eye area puffiness, and a firmer appearance with a Manual Lymphatic Drainage massage. This unique service is perfect not only as spa therapy in a facial or by itself, but also as a postoperative tool to promote healing and diminish edema at a Medical Spa. Find Out More…

IDE117 :: IPL & Light Therapies 2-Day Certification

Hair removal is always in highest demand in both the spa and medical cosmetic industries. Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) is considered the best alternative to laser hair removal. This light therapy is quickly growing in popularity thanks to its proven fast results at affordable prices.

In this treatment, a focused pulsing light is skillfully applied to the surface of the skin. The light travels down the hair shaft to the root. Find Out More…

  • State Board Approved Advanced Esthetics Training for Estheticians and Cosmetologists who want to expand their licenses